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The Infusion Technology Organisation - ITO

The Infusion Technology Organisation (ITO) was formed in 2009 by a group of infusion technology enthusiasts and experts from the Contract Research and Pharmaceutical Company environments.

The technology has evolved in many different ways, principally over the past twenty years, during the emergence of preclinical evaluation of biopharmaceuticals and as a result of the need to simulate the clinical delivery of small molecules particularly in the CNS, oncology and cardiovascular fields.

Such technology was perceived as necessary to ensure the achievement of suitable exposure levels upon which to assess safety and efficacy and has, consequently, been readily adopted under regulatory requirements (e.g. CPMP/ICH/302/95).

The technology now embraces many facets of drug delivery and sampling beyond the initial development of intravenous delivery techniques.  

There is now a perceived need to bring the knowledge and practices acquired around the world together in order to refine the procedures and enhance the understanding of the technology globally.

Vision and goals

The vision of ITO is met by its principal objective which is essentially to provide a forum by which information and data generated from infusion technology can be shared on a global basis.  

It is the intention for all involved to benefit from a transparent insight into these technologies across both industry (including Contract Research Organisations) and academia. This will be achieved by the presenting of an annual two-day symposium with workshops and trade exhibit as well as the initiation of a dedicated publication of infusion technology articles called "The Infusionist".


The ITO is, of course, a non-profit-making organisation and will rely on self-financing ventures such as the symposium for its continued existence.

It is hoped that scientists and technicians from the preclinical and clinical industries will contribute and benefit from this organisation.


We are keen to promote all aspects of the technology including surgical techniques, equipment technology, formulation science together with specific clinical and histopathologies. 

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